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An unlimited world, beyond imagination

  • 7 min read

Possibilities of the digital world.


In today's article we will do a different exercise, friends.

We will briefly, concisely and summarized a small part of the enormous range of possibilities that arise from the digital world, the environment .

Likewise, we will capture different realities articulated from this new conception of our world and we will take a short tour of them.

Without further ado...



We will begin this first section of our article by exposing a reality that is very present and rooted in our respective societies and livelihoods .

We are referring to the enormous and practically unfathomable weight that the video game sector currently occupies in our time and the prevalence and continuous expansion of a culture articulated and developed around this sector.


We could say that video games consume a part of our lives.

We develop our perception, reflexes and creativity through our leisure time.

And it is not bad to allocate part of our time to the video game sector, since among its benefits you can find those described above and also the release of stress and anxiety.

Of course, as long as it is played in moderation and applying common sense, without the game limiting or destroying your personal or social life.


With the emergence and expansion of new technologies, gamer culture is becoming increasingly relevant.

This can be seen on platforms mainly focused on the broadcast and dissemination of gamer content, such as Twitch.

In addition, communities in a continuous process of expansion are formed day after day on platforms such as Discord and countless other spaces for interaction and communication , making a gamer culture prevail throughout the world.



As everyone knows by now, anime is a style of traditional or computer animation whose origin dates back to Japan.

An animation style that has been popularized and expanded throughout countless countries through social networks , the media, various platforms and increasing acceptance by society .


Otaku is a term that has traditionally been used to designate people who are very fond of manga and anime.

Currently, in the modern slang of today's Japan, this term is commonly used and widely extended to refer to a fan of any particular topic, which also expands to other personal tastes and preferences such as video games.

Today, authentic communities have been formed around various topics.


eSports are what are called electronic sports, also called cybersports or eSports.

In practice they are neither more nor less than video game competitions.

Currently they have become events that enjoy increasing popularity and acceptance, with their consequent expansion.

They are generally multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players.

They have their own rules and values ​​to promote and encourage a safe environment where well-being prevails .

They are governed by a framework of respect and diversity and promote a positive and enriching gaming experience.


Both virtual reality and augmented reality are technologies on the order of the day.

Virtual reality creates a totally new environment detached from the real world.

In a very summary way, we could say that augmented reality is based on mixing virtual elements with real elements.

Both technologies can and will be applied in a large number of economic and productive sectors, optimizing and making many processes much more efficient and constituting a booming market, in continuous expansion and with great potential ahead.


So far a small sample, a brief summary of the virtual world, the digital environment and its unlimited transformative potential in the world.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the article and we also hope to be able to experience together the future that the world that is coming holds for us.


Today's impossibles are tomorrow's realities.


Don't be afraid for the future, live in the present and adapt to changes intelligently .


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