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Violence does not resolve conflicts

  • 8 min read

Violence through its different forms and expressions in our lives.


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Today we will delve through the current article into an reality present in the lives of many people.

Today, in short, we will talk about violence through its different forms, expressions and manifestations.

Without further ado...

Let's start!!!


You may have lived it, felt it and experienced it in your flesh throughout your life path...

You may know someone in your environment, in your more or less close circle, who is suffering from it...

You may feel helpless, full of anger and frustration because of it.

It is a complicated equation, a fine, thin and diffuse line that divides reasoning and dialogue from violence.

When violence is established as a method of conflict resolution, nothing good rarely comes of it.


It is possible that you grew up or are immersed in a violent context, that you have a certain genetic predisposition to it...

You may have considered using it more than once, you may have thought about resorting to it repeatedly to put an end to a problem...

There are environments in which violence can become a way of life .

A vague and illusory hope for a better life, a fictitious way out, a supposed escape valve.

But remember…



There are large areas in this world in which using violence to achieve certain ends is socially accepted and institutionally normalized.

Spaces where the law of the strongest is exercised, spaces in which it is the norm and not the exception.

Where violence is synonymous with status, with the promise of a better life.

Big mistake!!!

Violence only brings violence.

Dalai Lama


There are times when we tend to use this maxim with some assiduity in our lives...

We usually use this expression to refer to the fact that sometimes ignoring something can give us a glimpse of temporary and fleeting happiness

The reality is that ignorance makes us vulnerable to the environment and more influenced.

You can ignore something due to poor education , carelessness, not trying hard enough...

You can ignore something for a multitude of different reasons and reasons.

The problem lies when you try to compensate for your shortcomings and insecurities through violent acts.

When you think that you can direct your life and improve it through the use of violence in its different forms, THERE IS A PROBLEM.

Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

Isaac Asimov


If you have come this far you should know and, above all, understand that there are different manifestations of this social reality.

Fundamentally we can talk about two aspects of it, the physical and the verbal.

The difference lies in the scars it leaves on us.

A physical wound, as a general rule, ends up scarring and healing over time ..

The verbal aspect directly impacts our psyche, our feelings and emotions...

And it takes much longer to heal, to heal.

And although it is often said that everything heals with time, the reality is that there are experiences that last over time, that we learn to cope with as if they were scars hidden in the deepest and most remote part of our being.

We try not to let them affect us as much as possible, to not limit us in our daily lives...

And in the end we learn from each experience and move forward.

There is a proverb that sums it up perfectly and we leave you below.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Mahatma Gandhi


If you have lived it, if you have felt it...

If you have experienced it…

It's the most difficult thing, overcoming ...

It's time to be born again and fight to get ahead, to improve and be yourself, being better every day.

The note is that you are capable of it and much more.


Violence only begets more violence.

If we want a better world we have to be able to resolve our differences through dialogue and communication , not through confrontation and humiliation.


Violence never resolves conflicts, nor does it even diminish their dramatic consequences

John Paul II


If you are a victim of violence, seek help and support through the help tools available.

Report any humiliating or degrading situation, any act of physical or verbal violence that threatens you.

To do this, follow the procedure to follow, the steps to follow enabled for this purpose in your country or region.


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