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Lessons from countries that prosper

  • 10 min read

Let's analyze the lessons we can draw from countries that do things well.


Natutube friends .

Today, through this article, we will discuss in great detail the key factors that determine the success or failure of countries throughout the entire world and the lessons they leave us and from which we can learn. learn both personally and at the societal level.

Let's put aside for a second the old sterile debate between right and left, up and down.

Let's put aside our differences and be objective.

Without further ado...




One of the factors that largely determines the success or failure of countries is the attraction , the capture and use of human capital with the aim of developing all the inherent potential of citizenship.

The countries that truly prosper are those that realize that people are the most valuable thing.

Key issues such as the exchange of ideas and opinions, creativity , development or innovation are carried out by people.

When a nation realizes that it is not natural resources but the capacity of its society that is capable of moving mountains, that is when a country truly improves and prospers in its daily life.

At the end of the day, regardless of our condition or socioeconomic status, we are all rowing in one way or another in the same boat.


For a country to develop, it is a priority and absolutely essential that it can be undertaken without major obstacles.

A stable legal framework, good financing channels, efficient public administrations and little bureaucracy are required so that the industrial fabric of a nation can prosper and establish itself.

In order for businesses and companies to be carried out, financing and taking risks are needed, and this cannot be achieved overnight.

It is achieved with state agreements, with clear and long-term policies, with efficient administrations and, above all, with legal certainty.


Since time immemorial, throughout the history of humanity, the different societies, the different empires and the various nations that have populated and populate our world have exchanged goods, services, knowledge and ideas.

Trade has always been a key factor when it comes to unleashing the entire productive capacity of countries .

It allows learning from different cultures and nations, while promoting the exchange of those goods, services and products that are necessary for productive activity and encourages learning and innovation.

A country can hardly prosper if it closes itself in and closes itself to the world around it.


education and an educational system where meritocracy prevails are the cornerstone for the development of any society .

Education has to be based on objective, non-political criteria, on the orientation and achievement of results based on the principles of effort and meritocracy.

To achieve this, it is necessary for the educational system to be in contact with the business world.

It is required that the various disciplines, subjects, specializations, educational levels, regulations and laws seek to ensure that people in the learning process can be integrated with a guarantee of success into the labor market.

To achieve this, flexibility, adaptation, a stable framework and well-defined criteria are needed.


Public administration must be effective and efficient and operate under criteria of transparency and good work.

It should not be the court of political decisions, but rather institutions and tools at the service of society to respond to the demands of citizens.

At the end of the day, they are paid for with the effort, sweat, tears and money of all taxpayers.


The taxation of a country must be clearly defined in the medium and long term and not be the result of political decisions based on electoral returns.

It must seek fiscal progressivity, but without suffocating investment , productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship .

A fair and clearly defined tax system is a great basis for sustained growth over time .


We often talk about inequality, it is a scourge and at the same time a term widely used to win votes and elections.

On many occasions we are told ad nauseam that societies must be as egalitarian as possible.

But...What is true in this statement?

Is the situation of the citizens of a nation in which it is difficult to make ends meet better in economic terms or one in which meritocracy and effort prevail, which is more unequal but in which everyone can live with slack?

It's your turn to answer this question, dear friend.


When we refer to the management of the economy and the various institutions, we aspire for everything to work correctly, without corruption , without bureaucracy and under criteria of transparency and efficiency.

The problem occurs when management is in the hands of people without experience for the sole merit of being friends of, acquaintances of, or members of X or Y political formation.

When revolving doors abound and the management of a country is carried out by people incompetent to carry out their responsibilities, that is when a nation is truly corrupted and a society is destroyed.


For the labor market of a given country to be robust, it must be able to satisfy the needs of the productive fabric while guaranteeing rights and a decent standard of living for citizens.

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach that balance .

A good example of a solution to this problem could be the so-called Austrian backpack, which combines flexibility while guaranteeing the rights and the possibility of professional and economic improvement of society.


Pensions are possibly one of the most controversial issues globally and one of the most pressing when it comes to being solved.

The world population is in a progressive aging process.

We are not saying this, but it is an objective fact and reality.

As time goes by, it will be necessary to address this problem so that different generations can coexist and everyone can have a decent standard of living.

A possible solution could be to progressively implement a capitalization system instead of a pay-as-you-go system, so that what you receive in retirement is the sum of what you contributed during your working life.

Obviously, this goes hand in hand with everything previously described.


So far, a brief summary of the factors that determine the success or failure of countries and the lessons we can draw from them.

We may have left many things out, but we always try to make reading as enjoyable, educational and direct as possible.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your time, support and patience every day.


The success or failure of a given country over time depends on society as a whole.

Trade and innovation have always been cornerstones on the path to development throughout history.

Efficiency in processes and accountability favor entrepreneurship and prosperity .

An environment favorable to entrepreneurship and with clear rules of the game significantly reduces corruption and encourages citizen participation and wealth.

Words are carried by the wind and actions last over time.


Remember that we learn together every day.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being there.


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