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Creativity and talent at its best

  • 7 min read

The fight between creativity, talent, effort and dedication.


Today we will present a really interesting topic, the incessant and constant struggle between talent, creativity, effort and dedication.

To do this, we will now divide the content into several sections in order to facilitate its reading and understanding at all times in a way that is pleasant to the eye.

Without further ado...

Let's start!!!



In order to delve into the main content, it is advisable to first briefly define the two fundamental concepts of this article, talent and creativity.

Talent , for its part, is a natural virtue that lies in the inherent potential to optimally perform a certain function, task, task or purpose.

Creativity in practice is our ability to think and act in unorthodox ways, challenging established canons and dogmas through our creations and artistic works.


The really curious thing about curiosity is that it is usually closely associated with the creativity inherent to human beings, with the incessant and innate search for continuous improvement.

Curiosity is a quality that inspires a lot of respect in us, since it is a great catalyst to achieve great purposes, goals and objectives in life .

The combination of talent, curiosity and creativity can lead to wonderful things, extraordinary advances and great discoveries.

But these virtues, these gifts and qualities alone are not usually enough to achieve these great feats...

This is where the other part of the equation comes into play , effort and dedication.


We will be clear from the beginning...

Behind most achievements in life there tends to be a continuous process of effort, dedication and desire to improve .

You may have a certain innate ability to perform better in some specific area of ​​life, but without a basic effort, orientation and a specific purpose you will hardly obtain the desired results.

The following famous quote perfectly summarizes this reality.

Genius is made up of two percent talent and ninety-eight percent persevering application..



Nowadays a paradox often occurs...

Many people want to obtain an immediate result, but they are not willing to assume the sacrifice involved in going through the process to achieve said result.

If you want to obtain results in any field or sphere of life, you must apply yourself and fight tirelessly and tirelessly for it at all times, every day of your life.

Remember that every path begins with a first step and each step taken is a victory on your path to success .

Innate talent, your gifts and virtues, your imagination and your determination complete the balance and pave this path for you.


Experiment, take risks for your dreams, for your ideals and objectives and fight tirelessly for it.

If you want different results, do not do the same.

Albert Einstein


You put the limitations on yourself.

Your only enemy in this life is yourself.

You can go as far as you want, as far as your imagination is infinite.


From the Natutube team we firmly believe in the enormous weight of perseverance, patience and daily effort when it comes to achieving the goals and purposes we set for ourselves in life.

Likewise, we have enormous respect for the field of imagination and creativity, since it allows us to visualize and give shape to concepts and possibilities that can end up being reflected in great works and incredible feats.

If you possess a gift, an innate quality that allows you to perform a certain field of knowledge or creative plane with a higher rate of success, please unleash your talent and exploit and release your inherent potential.

Finally, remember that working hard is not the same as working smart.

Talent and effort go hand in hand and it is through adequate guidance, projection and perseverance that you will be able to achieve the goals and objectives you set for yourself.


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