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Social networks and their global impact

  • 7 min read
social networks

Social networks as a communication .


Today we cannot talk about communication and social interaction among the citizens of different, varied and diverse countries, in societies throughout the entire world without making special mention of social networks .

Today we will analyze the importance of social networks as vehicles of social communication.

We will try to present the content of this article in the most entertaining, didactic and direct way possible with the aim of facilitating its reading and understanding at all times.

Without further ado...

Let's start!!!


Before diving into the main content, we will briefly define what social networks are.


We can define social networks as changing structures in a continuous process of development and evolution whose fundamental purpose is to connect people or organizations through interests or values ​​that they have in common.


Since times , communication has been linked to the very condition of human evolution.

From our first steps on Earth to the constitution of the first societies of our species , we have always sought and perfected ways to communicate with each other.

Communication has been, is and will be a fundamental key to the creation of ideas and opportunities , to resolve conflicts and to encourage participation and interaction both individually and collectively in decision-making processes.


It is here, in recent stages of our evolutionary process as a species, where social networks acquire and gain increasingly greater notoriety , prominence and relevance in the individual, collective and international panorama.

Today we cannot conceive the world around us without these vehicles of social interaction and communication.

From a message to multimedia content, social networks have become a vital piece of our respective societies and currently we cannot conceive the world around us without them.


We have established great entertainment colossi, enormous platforms for the creation and dissemination of content and we feed this great global industry on a daily basis.

THIS IS where our common sense comes into play .

Social media is an extremely powerful tool and an extremely effective means of facilitating and encouraging our communication and interaction at every level and scale imaginable.

Of course, like all the tools at our disposal, we must be consistent, aware and act with sufficient judgment and reasoning to use them wisely and with due safety.

It is up to you to use your head and try not to use them indiscriminately.


We could not publish this article without making an honorable mention of natutube , our platform , a community and space in constant evolution and continuous growth with a multipurpose and multipotential approach and that constitutes a social network in itself.

Since our beginnings, we have sought to provide knowledge and content of value and quality to society and the world around us, while promoting the participation, interaction and communication of citizens to make the world a better place every day.

Remember that YOU are the basis of our community and for that we give you a HEARTFUL THANK


Social networks are in themselves a vehicle of social communication.

They constitute a great, powerful and truly valuable tool at our disposal to communicate and interact with simplicity and fluidity as long as we use them with due fortitude and reason.

It is up to us to use our intelligence appropriately when using them.

There is a human being behind every tweet, blog and email. Remember it.

Chris Brogan


You are the owner of your destiny and you decide how you use the tools at your disposal.

At the heart of social media is the sharing of personal information.

Zygmunt Bauman


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