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Rebellion as an engine of change in our world

  • 7 min read

Rebellion to change things?


The history of humanity has been written largely through diverse and varied events of a historical nature.

Throughout our history as a species we have carried out events of change that were key determinants in giving way to the configuration of our society .

The various rebellions and revolutions that have been unleashed throughout the history of humanity have been a lever and engine of change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Always keep in mind that our history is written in letters of blood.


There are historical events that have marked a before and after in our respective citizenships and nations throughout our history as a species.

Revolutions have been due to different causes and interests over time , but what is undeniable is that they have led to the acquisition of our current fundamental basic rights.

From the right to vote to current working hours…

Much of the achievements regarding current rights that exist in much of the world have been achieved through constant struggle.

From the Industrial Revolution through the French Revolution, most of the social conquests and fundamental Human Rights derive from civil struggle.

We could name many more historical events as contexts of struggle and civil disobedience in pursuit of the civil rights that we enjoy.

But we think the background is understood and we want to focus on the essence of the content.

Remember that the human being is a blink of an eye in the history of the world .


Today we enjoy rights in much of the world that would have been unthinkable relatively recently.

These rights have been achieved through effort , sacrifices, sweat, blood and tears.

They have been achieved on numerous occasions through civil disobedience, uprisings, rebellions and revolutions.

Rights that have been preceded by much suffering and bloodshed.

We must keep in mind that the history of our world is ephemeral and that even the most inconsequential event can essentially have multiple consequences .

Fortuitous events have shaped the course of history on numerous occasions.

It is an interesting exercise to consider the changes in the past, the events in the present and possible future events.


Time is relative and ephemeral and history is fickle and capricious.

A decision, a simple choice can change our destiny.


If you want to change the world and make a difference, start by changing yourself.

The only enemy you have in life is YOURSELF .

Always keep in mind that there is no greater motivation than the desire to improve .

Be the change you want to see in the world!!!


Consider things, question the world around you, adapt to changes.

Ultimately, our intelligence is defined by our ability to successfully to change.

Exploit your potential, unleash all your innate capacity and ability.

We are all potential geniuses, but if you ask a fish why it doesn't climb a tree, it will think it is stupid for its entire life.

It evolves , grows and improves constantly.


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