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Procrastination and how it affects our lives

  • 7 min read

Causes, consequences and solutions to procrastination.


Natutube friends .

Today we are going to discuss a topic of utmost and vital importance in these times ...

Let's focus on procrastination , its causes, its consequences and its possible solutions.

We will try at all times to make reading the content as enjoyable, direct, clear and concise as possible.

In addition, we will ensure that the different sections that this article will consist of are written in a brief and summarized manner.

Without further ado...

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In order to start talking properly about this topic in question, we first have to make a brief summary of what this term means and entails, of the concept it encompasses.

We can define it, in short, as the deliberate action of postponing or postponing a certain action, fact, activity or situation that should be attended to promptly due to its importance, replacing it with another more irrelevant, pleasant or pleasant situation.

Once the definition has been made, it is worth asking a few questions that we will list below through the following sections of this publication.


We can establish a series of reasons and factors that could largely determine the postponement of our actions and which we will explain below.


Negative emotions such as boredom, stress, anxiety or frustration that generate in us or that are associated with the tasks to be performed can significantly influence the fact of postponing them.

Furthermore, the fear of failure, the desire for perfectionism, the fear of success and the responsibilities that it may entail or the panic of the unknown, being the target of other people's judgments or the fear of change can cause us to substitute priority activities. for other more pleasant ones.


Low self-esteem, an overly consolidated sense of self-criticism or a pronounced lack of confidence in ourselves can significantly influence the postponement of our actions, decisions and activities.


The lack of motivation as a result of a feeling of general dissatisfaction with different areas of our life such as work, studies or relationships , can lead us to want to postpone certain actions.


Seeking and wanting an immediate result as a consequence of our actions can lead us to self-destructive tendencies, preventing or greatly limiting the achievement of our medium/long-term objectives.


Procrastination can cause serious problems in our daily lives in different facets of our lives.

It can cause or trigger health , such as stress or anxiety, which in turn can lead to problems such as the progressive worsening of our personal , our physical condition or a decrease in our academic or work performance.


Now that we have seen what procrastination consists of, the causes that motivate it and its possible consequences, it is time to know what solutions we can implement to reverse and solve this situation.


Among the solutions that we can carry out to resolve this situation we can find the following:

  • As a first measure and possibly one of the most effective, if not the most, we can mention limiting, reducing or avoiding temptations that prevent or make it difficult for us to carry out the most pressing activities.
  • Divide tasks into small actions that allow us to address and face the most relevant daily tasks.
  • Unblock ourselves, since once we start the activities that were most difficult for us to tackle, the inertia and dynamics of our actions and our brain will allow us to face these tasks.
  • Recognize our achievements and congratulate ourselves for having been able to face these adverse situations, which in turn will result in greater personal well-being and help us face future setbacks.
  • Communicate and rely on other people to cope more easily with those activities, tasks or situations that are more difficult for us.


Whoever takes a lot of space, the less he tightens up.

The sum of the small actions you take will allow you to successfully face the difficulties that life throws at you.


Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Take charge of your life.


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