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Playing through the ages

  • 8 min read

We are going to take a brief tour of how we have been playing through different time stages.


Natutube friends .

Today we want to emphasize the progressive and unstoppable evolution that we have been experiencing over the years in terms of the way we play with each other throughout our different life stages.

Let's see how we have been playing from a more interpersonal approach to a more digitalized one.

Furthermore, we will see the gradual and progressive evolution that the world around us has been experiencing over the last few years and we will do a small imagination exercise to see the future that lies ahead.

We will try to keep the content as brief and direct as possible to facilitate its reading and understanding at all times.

Without further ado...



The world is changing.

That is an inescapable, constant and unquestionable fact.

The process of evolution of the world around us is increasingly faster and unstoppable.

If you were to ask a family member, your parents or your grandparents, they would most likely tell you how the world has changed through their eyes.

The world has been gradually pivoting more and more rapidly towards the technological field.

As they say, technology is the order of the day.


If you start to reach a certain age you will be fully aware of how the way people play has progressively evolved.

Who doesn't remember playing until late in the street with friends, playing games with the family or playing soccer or cards on the beach?

Those long hours playing hide-and-seek, spinning tops, trading cards or collectible cards on the streets of your town or city.

Currently, the lesser use of the word is seen more and more frequently, an increasing dependence on mobile devices and social networks .

We have been moving from the beginnings of the digital age to the technological revolution in which we live immersed.

It is not a widespread fact throughout the world, but it is a growing and increasingly consolidated trend.

If you had asked one of your ancestors, most likely their opinion of our world as we know it would not match their mental image of it.

What's more, the world we imagine in the future will certainly be very different from what we can imagine.


Today's impossibles are tomorrow's realities


We have briefly summarized the transition that our world and our respective societies have been experiencing when it comes to gaming.

But now we want to propose a small exercise of imagination.

We are going to delve into the realm of cabals and mental speculations.

Now let's try to imagine and visualize what the world we will live in a few decades from now could be like.

Let's dive into unknown territory, friend.


To make this hypothetical assumption we will propose a possible general approach so that the content is as enjoyable and educational as possible.

relationship point of view, it is possible that many are based on intelligence .

Most likely, the way we experience relationships and sensations will gradually evolve into a kind of virtual reality in which we will live immersed.

Perhaps we can experience sensations when watching a movie or a series and that dating applications are based on algorithms provided by artificial intelligence (AI).

In the scientific and aerospace aspect, it is possible that we begin to colonize new worlds by terraforming a planet, that we extract natural resources from space and that we establish some type of contact with a species outside our own planet.

In the healthcare field, we will better understand the dynamics of our brain and learn to effectively and efficiently treat a multitude of diseases and pathologies.

life expectancy .

From an industrial and energy point of view, production processes will be increasingly oriented towards the use of environmentally friendly renewable energies and will be much more efficient both in terms of resources and in terms of productivity .

And so we could list a multitude of fields and subjects in which truly revolutionary advances will most likely be made in the coming years.

And you….

How do you imagine the world of tomorrow?


Nobody has a crystal ball.

The world is as changing as our imagination is limitless.


Remember that the very definition of intelligence refers to our ability to adapt to changes .

This article does not seek to confront or divide, but rather to add and learn together to see how our world evolves.


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