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Prosperity as a vital goal of freedom

  • 7 min read

Achieving our prosperity and financial .


Today we will take a look at an issue of special relevance since time immemorial in the history of humanity.

Indeed, today we will talk about money and its importance when it comes to achieving the long-awaited financial freedom and being successful .

We are going to enter the exciting world of personal finances .

Without further ado...



We can define financial freedom as that stage in our life path in which we do not depend on income derived from work to pay for our lifestyle .

When we are truly free in financial terms, the value of the income derived from our assets allows us to cover the daily costs of our personal lives .

It could be said that in this vital stage we do not work for money since money would work for us.

Money would be a tool at our disposal that would gradually increase our wealth as a result of an investment process.

Sustained investment over time that would gradually increase our personal assets until we achieve the long-awaited financial freedom.


To achieve this objective for our financial success, we should have a base strategy structured in 3 key pillars:

Eliminate all outstanding debt.

Create an emergency/security cushion that covers at least 3-6 months of expenses.

Invest with common sense and head to generate wealth and put our money to work.

Remember that in addition to the 3 key pillars mentioned above, there is a fundamental factor when it comes to increasing our personal wealth.

This essential factor in any strategy to increase our personal wealth is savings.

Our economic surpluses in terms of savings will allow us to gradually increase our money with the necessary investment.

And we say necessary because if we do not invest our money it suffers a devaluation process as a result of inflation.

The latter has the consequence that over time, if we leave our money standing still and not working, our capital is worth less and less.

That is why it is so important to save and invest as soon as possible to multiply our money over time.


By simply working we will never achieve financial success.

The foundation of our prosperity is based on the above 3 pillars.

Discipline and perseverance are the key pieces so that, through savings and investment, we can gradually increase our personal assets.

To achieve the long-awaited financial freedom we could, for example, carry out the famous 80-20 rule.

What this rule tells us is that we allocate 80% of our income to cover our expenses and the remaining 20% ​​is dedicated to investment.


We would set aside the 20% that we would dedicate to the investment at the beginning of each month so as not to touch it and make sure it was invested.

In turn, we can choose a wide range of financial products when investing our money to obtain a certain return.

Said investment can be made actively or passively.

One of the most widespread investment instruments today are passively managed index funds.

Index funds allow you to diversify your investments while spending little time on them and reducing headaches.


Our well-being is not based solely on our personal wealth and capital accumulation.

Always keep in mind that money does not buy happiness , although it helps a lot.

Being well also depends on other factors such as:

Our state of health .

Feel good about ourselves.

Our relationships .

When push comes to shove you will have to put everything on a scale.


LIVE your life without obsessing too much about money.

BUILD brick by brick in the medium/long term your path to prosperity .

ENJOY every little moment and the great moments of your life.

REMEMBER that money itself is a tool, not a life purpose.

Basing our life solely on the acquisition of money can be a bad goal and a bad idea.

At the end of the day, lifespan is the one thing money can't buy.


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