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Democracy and the great real power of the people

  • 8 min read

Reflections on democracy.


Today we will talk about a term that is as widespread around the globe as it is controversial and controversial both in recent times and throughout the history of humanity.

We will present the topic on which we will focus this article in the most entertaining, direct and simple way possible with the aim and clear purpose of facilitating its reading and understanding at all times.

Indeed, friends... today we will talk about democracy .

Without further ado...



Since the dawn of humanity, our history as a species has been linked to the incessant search for increasingly sophisticated forms of government and social participation in decision-making.

Throughout our history empires have fallen and nations have been forged, under the seal of betrayal and murder.

We have overthrown tyrants and dictators and imposed rulers and liberators.

All for power , for wealth…and for interests.

All in the name of democracy.


Technically speaking, the term democracy means power of the people .

It mentions and is a clear allusion to the capacity of society , of citizens, to influence decision-making and shape the destiny of their respective nations in an increasingly multipolar and diverse world.

And we say technically because in practice...

In practice, friend, we are sorry to disappoint you.

Although paper supports everything, the reality is that democracy as such does not exist .

Democracy is a utopian concept.

There are representative governments that exercise power based on interests, influence and money... a lot of money.

In practice, power is exercised by money..

To sample the following famous quote.

Give me control over a nation's money and I won't care who writes its laws.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild


We imagine that at this point in the film and the article you will be asking yourself a few questions.

Is this true?

Why don't they teach us how the world really works?

So what are elections for?

We are going to answer all these questions with a good dose of realism.

Here we go!!!

  1. The first thing is to honestly tell yourself that YES , although it may be hard to believe and it is certainly really sad, the truth is that if you follow the money trail you will never be too wrong about how the world, diplomacy and electoral processes are configured.
  2. system really works because it is NOT interesting .
  3. There are very strong interests for the status quo to prevail, so what is really attempted from all spheres of the information society is for you to be intelligent enough to carry out tasks in your job, but not intelligent enough to so that you question things and carve out your own future.
  4. Last but not least , electoral elections serve to provide the system with an appearance of citizen participation since what really exists are different degrees of particular freedom within the reality of each country.


What you think you know through the media goes through prior screening processes.

Form your own criteria.

Make your own future.


life takes largely depends on you.

You are the person responsible for your own life.

Every choice , every decision you make in your daily life shapes the path you take.


We could not write this article about the noble concept of democracy without getting wet and giving our particular point of view.

When we talk about democracy we usually forget a fact of capital importance, that democracy means literally and in the broadest sense of the word, the power of the people, the will of the citizens.

We must be aware that the political are public servants and that politics should be a means through which to improve the quality of life of society as a whole.

If we lived in an ideal world, politics would be a tool at the service of people and democracy would be more than a hackneyed concept in many cases.

It is worth emphasizing that we are all rowing in the same boat and that it depends on the effort of citizens to implement the necessary measures so that people can live a little better every day.

Many times democracy is associated with a plane of mental bipolarity based on ideologies and political formations and we do not realize that what is really important is the people.

If we based our criteria on facts, on the tangible results resulting from appropriate policies and effective and efficient resource management, we would have a different story.


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