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war art

The cruel art of war

  • 8 min read

Entering the ignoble art of war. THE BLOODY ART OF WAR Hello, dear and dear friends of Natutube. Today we are going to enter the world of war. This article is going to be a sincere sample of…  


Corruption and social decay

  • 8 min read

How corruption affects us in our lives. CORRUPTION AND DEGRADATION OF SOCIETY Hello, Natutube friends. Today we are going to delve into a topic of furious and hot topicality. A topic present in most of the world and that…  

we return with strength and energy


  • 8 min read

We return at full power. WE'RE BACK TO ACTION, FRIENDS Hello, dear friends of Natutube. We have been making all the appropriate corrections to be able to correct all the errors present on our website. We want to be able to offer at all times the…  


Podcasts from our emerging community

  • 7 min read

Presenting our podcasts. DIVING INTO THE PODCASTS Hello, dear friends and family. As you well know, from the beginning we have tried to offer valuable and quality content to society. To achieve this, we use the different media and channels of information and dissemination at our disposal. With that purpose and objective in mind we have…  


Playing through the ages

  • 8 min read

We are going to take a brief tour of how we have been playing through different time stages. PLAYING A GAME? Hello, dear Natutube friends. Today we want to emphasize the progressive and unstoppable evolution that…  


Aliens are in our world

  • 7 min read

Analyzing the possible existence of aliens in our world. ALIENGENS TO POWER Hello, dear friends of Natutube. Today we bring you some extremely topical news. A complete informational bombshell. Today we are going to talk about the…