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Nature and the natural order in the world

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The beauty of the nature.


Today we will discuss a topic of utmost and vital importance, of enormous importance in our lives...

We will talk about nature , its preservation and the care and respect of the world around us in a concise, brief and summarized way.

In addition, we will make a special mention in the course of the article.

Without further ado...

Let's start!!!


First of all, we are going to proceed to the definition of the term nature in order to start from a clear basis when developing the content of this article.

We can define nature generically as the material world or material universe, which includes all the phenomena and processes of the physical world, both inert matter and the cycle of life .


It is often said that the world around us tends to preserve a certain natural order, a relative inherent balance.

Our world is largely one great source of life.

From the primitive stages of the creation of this wonderful planet to the birth and evolution of the species that populate it, everything maintains a certain intrinsic order in the course of the cycle of life.


But this balance has been altered by the incursion of our species and its actions in the world around us.

We have altered nature by polluting our seas and rivers, depriving resources for our own survival and destroying environments of value .

But at this point we must be fair and moderately optimistic.

To the same extent that we can be intrinsically destructive in our human condition, we also have the noble quality and great virtue of being able to act accordingly to correct our mistakes and improve.


We must be aware that the preservation of the environment de facto implies our own survival as a species.

How we decide to act when it comes to making amends for our destruction in the world around us will determine our own future.

IT IS NOT simply about ecological, economic or social issues, it is about our own existence being at stake on this chessboard.

Let's be sensible enough to bet on life in all its splendor.


At this point, we cannot dismiss the article that concerns us today without first making an honorable mention of the name of the founder of Natutube .

The stage name of the founder of our great platform is Natufaura.

In practice, it is also a grouping of 4 fundamental concepts:

Natu: Makes mention of nature and the world around us and the need to preserve it.

Fau: Refers to fauna, to all the living beings that inhabit this world.

The r: It is a call to reality and realism, to be aware of the world around us and to have our feet on the ground.

The a: Honors authenticity and the importance of always being ourselves.

In addition, we also want to make a special mention to the entire natutube team dedication and perseverance every day.

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Our own future as a species will depend on how we take care of nature.

In this regard, the following famous quote sums up our survival as a species perfectly.

We will not have a society if we destroy the environment.

Margaret Mead


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