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Real effective integration into modern society

  • 7 min read

Breaking down walls through integration.


Nowadays, in the world in which we live, we tend to think that the different groups that make up the social fabric coexist integrated and in harmony.

Nothing is further from reality.

In practice, no matter how much we fill our mouths with words like integration , the daily reality of many people and groups is that it is difficult for them to fully develop both in capacities and inherent potential.

It is necessary and necessary to implement tools and multiple approaches so that every person can enjoy their full right to a life .

True integration will occur when it is the norm and not the exception, when it is no longer necessary to make headlines and, above all, when it is no longer necessary to talk about it because it will be a full reality and a fait accompli.

It is essential to tear down walls and barriers, banish clichés and stereotypes so that effective integration can occur at all levels of society .


Today we find ourselves in a world where there are multiple walls and barriers.

There are economic, social, cultural, national barriers... there are barriers of discrimination based on sex, religion...

On many occasions we form prejudices or rely on stereotypes when defining a person.

Sometimes we judge a person simply by a first impression.

It is difficult for us to put ourselves in the shoes of others and act with a minimum of empathy .

That is why we call for gradually filing and eliminating all these barriers.

We appeal to common sense and reasoning to tear down the walls that make it difficult for everyone to enjoy a full and functional life.


If we really want and desire to tear down all those walls, we need to be able to see beyond national or particular interests, see beyond the flags.

We need to see people.

We need to have empathy and put ourselves in the place of others, be participants in their story, their life path and their experiences.

In this way we will begin to change the world by first changing ourselves.

Remember that if you want to change the realities of this world you must first change yourself.


We hope with all our strength that this does not remain just words and that one day, together, we make it a reality.

We want it not to be a headline and its cover, but rather for people to be able to live peacefully in a framework of coexistence based on respect and tolerance.

We daydream of a world in which all people can live integrated into society without any discrimination.

Remember that what really defines us are our values ​​and our personality, not origins, beliefs or sexual orientation.

We need to accept human diversity.


If you don't judge a book by its cover, why would you judge a person by their sex, beliefs, or health , among other factors?

We must gradually accept that the world is a melting pot of cultures, a vast ocean of diversity.

Therein lies the beauty of this world.


In the same way that what is truly valuable about a book is its content, the most important in a person is their human quality.

We should give greater importance to the scale of principles and values ​​and less priority to skin color or individual beliefs.

Everyone can live together in peace and harmony as long as they live and let live.


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