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Bullying and its detestable impact on our lives

  • 7 min read

Harassment...Evil of many, consolation of fools?


Dear Natutube .

A few hours ago we wrote and published our first publication.

Our fundamental purpose is to provide knowledge and create content of value and quality for society so that together we can make the world a better place every day.

We are a space , an emerging community and social network that grows and evolves day by day thanks to you and at the same time we are an environment in which to enhance and encourage the free exchange of ideas and opinions with respect and education from a versatile and multipotential perspective.

Today we will put special emphasis on a topic of vital importance, harassment and abuse in today's society.


Harassment and abuse is a social issue that is especially relevant for several fundamental reasons.

  • The first is that harassment constitutes in itself a social scourge and at the same time is a potentially questionable and socially reprehensible fact.
  • The second is that it is a living reflection of the insecurities and shortcomings of the harasser.


On many occasions, said person lacks self-esteem, empathy towards others and an adequate environment that enhances their inherent potential, which in turn results in the need to feel good when committing an abusive activity such as harassment, whether of a nature. physically or verbally, towards other people causing intentional harm to the victim.


Every time a person commits a situation of harassment and abuse, they are carrying out a voluntary and criminal act..

As a society and as human beings we invite you to reflect and think from empathy and humility.

Ask yourself if these situations can be avoided and if you can become aware and act accordingly to avoid them.


It is in our hands to prevent bullying in all its forms and manifestations, from cyberbullying to school bullying and other types of behavior that constitute a crime.

As a society it is our responsibility to attack the root of the problem .

Harassment is like handcuffs that prevent and limit the harassed person from leading a life while providing a false sense of well-being to the harasser.


Taking into account that a harassment situation is like two sides of a coin, we invite you from this space to reflect, to empathize, to become aware and to carry out the appropriate measures and actions so that this daily reality does not occur.


At this point, it is important that you know what you can do if you witness a situation of harassment, physical or emotional towards others.

  • If you witness a situation like this and do not want to get involved personally, you can notify and report said harassment situation to the competent people.
  • If at any time you carry out a situation of harassment towards another person, ask yourself what the real reason is why you are committing this injustice and try by all means to enhance your personal in a healthy way that does not violate the rights of others and If you are not capable, seek professional help
  • If you find yourself being subjected to discrimination due to harassment and physical, mental, verbal or emotional abuse, report this situation so that neither you nor anyone else goes through this.

If at any time you harass another person, ask yourself what the real reason is why you are committing this injustice and try by all means to enhance your own well-being in a healthy way that does not violate the rights of others.


As a society, it is our duty and responsibility to be aware that abuse constitutes in itself a violation of the integrity of others and a criminal act and to act accordingly.

And you…

Have you ever been on either side of the scale?


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