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Happiness in our life

  • 7 min read

Analyzing the concept of happiness in our lives.


Natutube friends .

Today we will focus on analyzing an abstract concept but of vital importance in our daily life within our respective lives.

Today we will talk about happiness

We will briefly and simply analyze its importance and presence in our life path.

Without further ado...



From the team we want today's article to constitute a tribute to life , to the joy of living it with health and well-being...

We want happiness to be the norm in our lives and not the exception.

That's why we want to remind you...

We want to emphasize the fact that for the vast majority of problems, of the vicissitudes that arise throughout our existence, there are solutions.

We want us to always be aware that there is only one life and that it is always worth living with the maximum happiness , health and well-being possible.

May we be aware that life time

Let us always fight for the joy of living.


Each person has their own interpretation of what happiness is.

It is possible that each person's concept of this term varies depending on their personal circumstances, purposes, goals and objectives in life.

The approach we have to life itself and what we give it greater or lesser priority also counts.

Regardless of what makes you happy...

Laugh, cry, love intensely...

Forgive quickly and thank slowly…

Do not wish anyone harm, since everything ends up falling under its own weight.

LIVE LIFE AND ENJOY EVERY DAY, because every moment of time, every second, is indescribably wonderful.


It is often said that the world is a handkerchief.

This is especially true when we talk about happiness and life.

Each personal , each particular experience ends up intertwined with another to give rise to a practically unlimited world of possibilities and opportunities .

Whether active or passive, there are many factors that determine and condition our happiness.

A happiness that contains its own history.

Intertwined stories that shape and shape our world.


In this world we tend to label and classify practically everything around us so that we can easily give it meaning.

With one look we can form a preliminary impression of a person and get a more or less wrong idea of ​​what they might be like.

In the end it is our actions that determine who we are.

Remember that words go with the wind, while actions last over time.

In the end, your happiness and the direction you want to take in your life is determined by YOU every day with every small action, with every decision.

This in turn will define the type of person you are and want to be.

There is a phrase from the movie “Perpetual Sentence” that sums up and describes it perfectly.

“In the world there are two types of people, those who insist on living and those who insist on dying.”

Red (Morgan Freeman)


Many times we question our existence, our origin and our purpose in life.

We think and plan for the future.

And that's fine, to the right extent.

The problem comes when we lose sight of the present and forget to live our life.

That is why we try to have a balance between living our existence, planning our future, thinking and acting.

Everything in this life requires your effort , dedication and perseverance.

Happiness and freedom are no exception.


YOU AND ONLY YOU are the one who determines the direction and purpose of your life.

You are the person responsible for your own happiness.


Don't blame your environment for your life, take responsibility and take the necessary measures to be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Freedom and happiness require a process of struggle and improvement.


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