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Basic guidelines for choosing a good domain

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A brief summary of the basic guidelines to follow when choosing your domain.


Natutube friends .

We have recently had a break in our usual pace of activity due to health-related factors in our personal lives .

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we wholeheartedly thank you for your patience, help and perseverance at all times, friends.

Taking into account and considering that our objective continues and will continue to be to offer content of value and quality that can be useful to you in your daily life, we want to inform you that we are going to be writing and publishing various guides for adults so that you can, in If you wish, successfully operate your own website.

With that purpose, today we want to present you the first of our guides with the basic guidelines and instructions to follow in order to correctly choose your own domain.

We hope it is useful to you.

We will try at all times to make the content as pleasant, brief and direct as possible in order to facilitate its reading and understanding.

Without further ado...



We will briefly summarize the tips to implement in order to correctly choose the domain for our own website, listing them below and explaining each section as concisely and directly as possible.

To do this, we will offer you, first of all, the list of basic considerations and guidelines to take into account.


To facilitate this section we will use our emerging community and social network as an example.

Our full domain URL is

Every domain consists of 3 clearly differentiated parts.

http or https : Depending on our security level, our domain will be hosted in a version with http or https.

As a general rule https=SSL=lock=best option.

Domain name : The central part of our domain and the central axis of our website.

It is found after the // and before the .

In our specific case it would be natutube .

Extension : The termination of our domain and what comes after the .

In our case it would be .com

TIP : Make sure the main word you want your website to be known for is your domain name.


When selecting the extension or termination of your domain, it is necessary to clarify that there are two fundamental types of domain extensions.


They can be used to position your website in any country.

Examples of global domain extensions would be .com, .net, .org, .online, .info, etc.


They make express mention of specific countries.

Examples of territorial domain extensions would be .es (Spain), .fr (France), etc.

TIP : Whenever you can, try to use global domain extensions as they will help you position your website in any country.


NEVER use trademarked names on your domain, as you could face complaints and risk losing your domain.

What do we mean by registered trademarks?

We are referring to brands with greater or lesser consolidation on the national and/or international scene.

Examples: Adidas, Reebok, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.


Before selecting your domain and after verifying that it meets all the aforementioned requirements, it is highly recommended that you see its historical record.

Sometimes it is possible that the domain you have chosen has been previously used to carry out Black Hat SEO practices, that is, illicit practices specifically aimed at manipulating the search engine algorithm with the aim of facilitating and enhancing the Web positioning of a certain website or a specific topic.

TIP : In order to carry out this step successfully, we strongly recommend that you use tools such as , a tool that will offer you a detailed tour of the history of the domain you want to select and thus you will be able to check first-hand if it has been used with previously to engage in Black Hat SEO practices.


Just as important as choosing your domain correctly.

Always try to compare the different accommodation service options available and select the one that guarantees the best quality/price/reliability ratio.


By following the steps mentioned above, you are sure to find your ideal domain name to successfully operate your own website.

In addition, we are going to offer you a series of additional general tips to help you that will also serve as a summary of the publication.

You can add a short suffix or prefix in case the domain name you want is not available.

Don't get complicated with domain extensions and whenever you can, opt for global ones.

Do not use registered trademarks or your own names as you risk claims for copyright and misuse of registered trademarks and you could almost certainly lose your domain.

Verify that your domain has not been previously used to engage in Black Hat SEO practices.

Choose a Hosting that provides you with a good quality/price/reliability ratio after research.

If you follow these basic guidelines you will avoid all possible mistakes when correctly selecting your own domain.


Successfully carrying out and operating a website is the result of constant work and dedication .

The most important thing is and always will be the people.


Whether you want to get informed or create your own website...

REMEMBER to always offer the best possible experience to your users.


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