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Financial intelligence, mindset and emotions

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Financial intelligence

intelligence correlation when generating wealth.


Natutube friends .

Today we are going to delve into the importance of financial intelligence and its correlation with emotions and mentality when it comes to building wealth and generating long-term wealth, friends.

Without further ado...



Many times, throughout our lives , we seek as our goal and objective to generate the greatest amount of money possible.

Money in itself is neutral, it is neither intrinsically good nor bad, since it allows us to expand our range of possibilities and achieve goals, purposes and objectives that we possibly considered unrealizable at the beginning.

We must be aware and always keep in mind the fact that money in itself is a tool to be able to have and enjoy a better life .


Many times, throughout our respective lives, we receive destructive criticism.

We have been educated from an early age to carry out certain consumption habits, follow and implement certain tasks in our lives and lead a life path that does not deviate from the established rule.

These criticisms can cause a mental block that makes it difficult for us to develop our full financial intelligence to its full potential.

On other occasions we are the ones who limit ourselves by putting obstacles in our way and largely preventing us from being able to implement the changes necessary to generate wealth and long-term wealth.

We all have financial intelligence and are more than capable of carrying out the actions necessary to generate wealth over time .

We must be able to progressively and gradually replace a mentality of scarcity with a mentality of abundance and prosperity , carrying out the appropriate changes and being consistent at all times in our decisions and choices based on logic and reason.


The best investment you can make, regardless of your personal , is to invest in yourself .

Investing in your knowledge, in acquiring and polishing the personal skills that allow you to expand your personal wealth over time, in fully developing your capital management capabilities, is what will allow you to make the most of your financial intelligence and, consequently, generate a good heritage over time.


We often say that sometimes the heart can play tricks on us..

This is especially true when we refer to our financial intelligence throughout the process of building and generating wealth.

Throughout our lives we let ourselves be carried away by our feelings and emotions, when in practice we should be able to have a long-term vision and time horizon.

Every process takes time, perseverance and dedication , and this is directly applicable and completely true in the financial world.


In order to generate good assets and consolidate our wealth, we must think and act in the long term, with a time horizon measured in years, not in months and much less in days.

We cannot expect to achieve an immediate result.

Nowadays it is widespread to want to obtain an immediate result as a consequence of our actions.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that's not how life works..

If you really want to be rich, consistency and perseverance are two determining factors when it comes to building your future success and your prosperity and financial freedom.

As we mentioned previously, financial intelligence is an innate ability that we all possess to a greater or lesser extent and that we can enhance and develop with practice.


It is up to you to carry out the necessary actions to be rich both in terms of mentality and capital.

True poverty does not lie in the pockets, but in the heads of the people.

Your goals, objectives and purposes are achievable as long as you are able to have a long-term vision.


You and only you are the person responsible for your life, so take the reins and forge your destiny.


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