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Corruption and social decay

  • 8 min read

How corruption affects us in our lives.


Natutube friends .

Today we are going to delve into a topic of furious and hot topicality.

An issue present in most of the world and that affects us in our daily lives at different levels of society .

We are going to immerse ourselves fully in the topic of corruption, how it affects citizens and its repercussions on our lives.

Without further ado...



Before starting to explain the topic that concerns us, we are going to present a brief definition of what corruption means.

We understand corruption as the improper and reprehensible use by public authorities and positions of power of the rights they hold.

As a general rule, we designate with this term situations of abuse of power and we refer to connections used for the purpose of obtaining personal benefit .


Let's get straight to the point, friends.

How many times have you heard a friend, an acquaintance or a family member justify acts of corruption?

The typical argument of “well, but I vote for him because he is one of my people.”


“I'm sure he's innocent despite everything.”

From small embezzlements to large thefts, corruption is often institutionalized and socially accepted.

Every time we justify acts of corruption due to personal affinities, partisan acronyms and ideological overtones, we are expanding this cancer.

Corruption is like a bad apple that poisons the others in the basket.

Both the public administration and the political must lead by example and act with rectitude and rigor at all times.

Since it is often said that society and the political class are a reflection of each other.

It is our duty as citizens to demand concrete measures and tangible results.

No empty speeches written by advisors and no impunity before the law.

If we based our personal preferences on results instead of ideologies, we would have a different story.

As they say, common sense is the least common of the senses.

That's why…



Hasn't that happened to you when you go to public administration and see how half of the time is spent unproductively drinking coffee?

People who warm chairs in spaces where productivity and efficiency are conspicuous by their absence.

People who are more concerned about getting paid at the end of the month than about doing their job well.

A whole cast of “public workers” who would not last 24 hours in a private company.

Many times this entire army is named by finger...

Discretionary positions appointed by their political affinity and party affiliation.

Revolving doors, plugs and cronyism.

What we now call in newspeak “having contacts” or “networking”, which sounds more international and cooler.

As taxpayers we pay for this whole shebang through our taxes.

Therefore, the public administration as a whole should operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Assert your rights and demand transparency and good work!!!


Corruption is a plague, a pandemic that affects us all.

He does not understand colors, ethnicities, creeds, cultures or nations.

It expands from the first moment it is accepted and tolerated.

It spreads and becomes institutionalized in all sectors of society, affecting our quality of life and our personal well-being.


Don't let them sell you the motorcycle or cheat you.

Always act from common sense and use your own judgment to determine truth from falsehoods.

Each and every citizen is responsible for ensuring that everything works correctly, under criteria of transparency, effectiveness and efficiency.

Let us not allow this scourge to expand to all layers of society.



From the team we categorically reject corruption in all its forms.

We are fully aware that it is an undeniable reality in much of the world around us.

Let's all try to eliminate step by step the present and prevailing corruption in the different strata of society.

Little by little we can achieve a better world in which worth and meritocracy are rewarded and not mischief and cronyism.


We want to thank you for supporting us every day and for being there.

Without your help and support none of this would be possible.



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