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Business success and its transformative potential

  • 8 min read
Business success

Business success and its transformative potential both on a personal and global level.


Dear Natutube .

Today we will focus on a topic of vital importance and significance if you want to start a business or are considering the possibility of entering and immersing yourself in the business world...

We will talk about the three key issues of business success and its transformative potential both on a personal and global level in an entertaining, clear and concise way.

Future vision.



Without further ado...

Let's start!!!


Many of us associate business success with personal success from a mostly economic perspective and approach...

But the reality is that it goes much further.

Each business success story is the culmination, it is the result of a process of constant challenge and improvement over a given period of time .

Behind every great business, every real case of success in the environment , hides a path full of adversity, overcoming and vision for the future.


Because every entrepreneurship begins with a beginning…

It begins by being able to identify a sector, a gap in society...

Each business, each company, each undertaking is born from an idea that we give shape to.

It is born from a need, to be able to see opportunities in every challenge and problem.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY , it is configured by breaking the established order, challenging dogmas and prejudices and being able to have and carry out a vision of the future.


We have all heard about great giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google...

True colossi, enormous success stories and true references in their sector.

Well, behind every great result there is a small beginning, a spark.

An idea is found captured, configured and made a reality.

You find someone who dared the impossible, who was capable of carrying out a process of self-improvement and development.


At this point we want to make a small aside.

Whether you are starting out in the business world, have been doing business for a while, or are considering starting a business within a certain time horizon, you deserve all our respect.

At natutube we are aware of the countless challenges and the endless challenges that you are facing or will face in the more or less near future.

From our team and emerging community we know that you do or will have to face a path full of adversities, from bureaucracy to tax issues, through social criticism, established dogmas or financing.

That is why you deserve all our respect and our most sincere admiration.

It is our ideas that shape the world.

Always keep the following in your mind:

When you want to start something, there will be many people who will tell you not to do it; When they see that they can't stop you, they will tell you how you have to do it; and when they finally see that you have achieved it, they will say that they always believed in you.

John C. Maxwell


From our system we are configured and molded with the purpose of being good professionals and efficient workers.

We are encouraged to work for others, but we are not given the necessary tools to be our own bosses or taught to think differently.

Our critical sense and our ability to analyze the world around us and ask ourselves key questions are not enhanced.

Entrepreneurship in itself is a differentiating element, a transforming factor of society and the world around us...

It is a good example that with perseverance, determination and effort we can make our dreams, principles and ideals come true and at the same time contribute value to both citizens and the global environment in which we develop our life path.


At this point we have briefly analyzed two of the three key factors in business success, vision of the future and entrepreneurship.

But the third fundamental element and key piece to complete the equation is missing, mentality.

As they say, wealth in your pockets does not matter if there is poverty in your head.

What differentiates an entrepreneurial mentality from a mentality that is not entrepreneurial is that in the first case, opportunities and possibilities are identified where the second case sees problems.

It is not a question of intellect or luck, but of being able to carry out an idea, focus on prioritizing what we want to carry out and work hard to make that dream a reality.

We all lock a genius inside us waiting to be released.


Every path begins with a first step.

99% of every result is perseverance and determination, the remaining 1% innate talent

We all row in the same boat, regardless of our origins, condition or purpose in life .



Remember that every failure is a new opportunity to learn and improve.

Who does not risk does not win.


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