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Benefit on health and well-being

  • 7 min read

The benefit behind health and well-being.


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And now let's get to the topic at hand, friends.

Today we will talk about the immense, brutal and monumental business that is behind what we commonly call health and well-being and the benefit that is obtained from this colossal sector.

We will ensure that the content is as summarized, concise and direct as possible to facilitate its reading and understanding at all times.

Without further ado...



In the collective imagination, the idea tends to prevail that the health sector is focused on treating people's ailments, pathologies and diseases in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The reality is that behind the word health hides an immense network of interests and a lot of money.

A multitude of health conditions are treated indiscriminately every day through drugs, pills and medications without there often being a real and compelling need for such treatments.

guidelines are often not governed by or obey the fundamental issue of preserving and improving the patient's health and quality of life , but instead focus on the profitability of said procedures.

If there really was a real interest in treating many of the health conditions that affect us today, it would have already been done and instead of putting patches to keep the business going, the cause and root of the problems would be treated.


From the team we want to qualify our words, friends.

With the writing and publication of this article we do not seek confrontation or belittle the great and commendable work that many healthcare professionals carry out every day.

There are truly many healthcare professionals who truly care about the quality of life of their patients and wholeheartedly honor the Hippocratic oath they have taken.

For all those people who put their soul into what they do, we want to give them our most sincere thanks and pay them our respect.



We all know cases of people who have received some type of medical treatment for a certain health condition...

It is possible that you yourself are receiving some pharmacological treatment for some pathology or illness.

You should know that at all times you have the right to know exactly what you are being treated for and the reason behind your treatment.

Likewise, you have every right in the world to be properly informed.

Come on, what is commonly called informed consent.

It is completely legal for any production process to seek profitability, the problem lies when this incessant search for profit takes precedence over the quality of life of society .


We must ensure that our healthcare seeks people's well-being at all times, preserving and improving their health and quality of life.

When drugs and pills are prescribed that can deteriorate the quality of life of patients without first considering other less harmful options, then there is an underlying problem.

There are times when the comfortable and easy route is taken, which is to medicate as the first option so that people are calm and do not bother.

Once again we want to clarify that many professionals, as we mentioned above, work and go out of their way every day from empathy and with a large dose of humanity and patience for the well-being of patients.

Let the fast, comfortable and easy route not prevail, but rather a job well done, empathy and humanity.


We all deserve to be treated at all times with the utmost dignity and respect.

Health is synonymous with quality of life and it is worth every second that we fight for it.


“Health is not everything, but without it, everything else is nothing”
Arthur Schopenhauer


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