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Artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives

  • 7 min read
Artificial intelligence

intelligence …robotic future?


Today we will focus on an exciting topic that is very present in our lives.

Today we will talk about artificial intelligence (AI) , the history behind it, what it consists of, its implications, etc.

We will try to summarize each specific section in simple strokes.

Without further ado... Let's get started!


Throughout the history of humanity, technology has allowed our species to progress in diverse and varied areas of our lives.

Many of the great achievements in our history have been accompanied by great technological revolutions.

From radio and television to the Internet, each discovery in the field of technology has had, has and will have great repercussions on our lives.

But until recently, artificial intelligence as we know it today has not been able to materialize.


What we currently know as artificial intelligence learning systems based on the information available on the Internet, fundamentally.

These systems are programmed so that they have self-learning capacity and can carry out different processes and very diverse functions, learning from their mistakes and improving with each attempt.

What at first glance may seem so idyllic, entails countless opportunities and challenges.


Let's imagine for a second a machine capable of learning by itself.

A machine that has the ability to learn and teach itself, that can develop a consciousness beyond its programming code.

Sounds like utopia, right?

Well, it is now beginning to be a tangible reality.

Technically, artificial intelligence systems are beginning to have the ability to learn by themselves , to teach themselves, to develop and carry out their own consciousness and to make their own decisions.

That raises multiple questions.

Could you replace us?

What if they rebel against us?

Could they manipulate us using all the information at their disposal according to their convenience?

Our future as a species will depend on the decisions we make in the present.

We hope to act with sufficient judgment and common sense.

Only time will tell.


By basing these automated self-learning models on the information available in the vast world of the Internet, these systems learn from both the bad and the good.

This operating principle necessarily implies facing various challenges, potential opportunities and challenges derived from the implementation of this technology.


AI will lead to a change in paradigm and in our way of seeing the world, since a whole world and range of possibilities opens before our eyes in areas of diverse and varied application, from the medical field through programming to diagnosis and the automation of electronic commerce processes, among many others.


But we are exempt from risks.

Every coin has two sides.

To the same extent that a practically unlimited range of possibilities opens up, we run the risk of misuse and implementation of AI, with consequences .

We must ensure that this technology is applied using common sense, with reasoning and with a framework for action at a global level.

Only in this way can we prevent artificial intelligence from being used for potentially unwanted purposes and turning against us.


AI in itself is not bad , it can represent a real opportunity to open a whole window of opportunities.

It is in our hands to adequately manage all productive and creative processes related directly or indirectly to artificial intelligence.

In the end everything will depend largely on whether we are able to use it responsibly.


The impossible of an era are the realities of tomorrow.

If you can dream it, chances are it can come true.


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