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Appearance and fiction in society

  • 7 min read

Appearance is a double-edged sword.


Appearance in today's society is an issue that is gaining increasing notoriety and importance.

We increasingly try to take more care of our appearance and the appearance that we project and show to the outside.

This becomes increasingly palpable in these times with the popularization of the different means of creating and disseminating content.

Today we are going to enter the world of the appearance that we project to the outside, friends.

Without further ado...



The means of creating and disseminating content are in themselves an excellent tool to communicate and disseminate valuable and quality content.

In many cases, this transfer of value and quality is achieved by providing knowledge and improving the quality of life of citizens.

This social improvement in most cases is achieved by providing information or providing a service that is useful to people.

The problem comes when these tools are used inappropriately, generating stress and anxiety for their users.

It is in these cases when it ends up really negatively affecting their quality of life on a physical, mental and emotional .

That is why it is necessary to be aware at all times that these tools must always be used with common sense, own judgment and reasoning.

We must prevent them from negatively affecting us and harming us on the sentimental, mental, physical and emotional levels.

Your greatest differentiating factor in the world is being yourself.

Think carefully and you will realize it.


Nowadays we often project a distorted image of our reality to achieve notoriety and acceptance from the people around us.

In the best of cases, in many cases we don't even really know the people we are trying to impress.

There are times when we project, facing the outside, facing the gallery, a false image of ourselves.

Everything to feel valued and accepted by others.

We seek acceptance from third parties we do not know to feel a false sense of security and personal well-being .

This becomes particularly evident in the use that we sometimes give to social networks .


It is up to you to use these resources and tools at your disposal with common sense and reason.

Don't let them negatively affect your quality of life and your personal well-being.

Personal responsibility is key in the use we give to the media for creating and disseminating content.

Always use your judgment and be yourself.

There are few things as valuable in this world as being yourself.

That's what sets you apart from the rest of the world.

Be original, Be yourself!!!


Always keep in mind that the means of creating and disseminating content are excellent tools and an optimal means to communicate.

They provide valuable content to society and quality to society, at the same time that they allow us to quickly obtain information on a multitude of topics.

They are truly valuable tools as long as we act with responsibility, judgment, critical thinking and common sense.

When push comes to shove, it is not convenient to base our happiness and personal well-being on acceptance by people we do not know.

If you suffered a mishap or had a personal problem, the vast majority of the people we have on social networks would not help you.

Have you considered it?

How many of those friendships will help you in the event that something goes wrong at a specific moment?

Of all the people you really know. How many of them will give you a hand in the worst moments of your life?

Remember that, ultimately, what is really important is to LIVE and feel good about ourselves BEING our best version.


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