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Alien and intelligent life in our galaxy

  • 8 min read
In search of alien life

A personal reflection on alien life.


Since the dawn of humanity, since the origins of our civilization, human beings have tried by all means at their disposal to provide an answer to one of the great questions of our own existence , the presence of alien beyond our planet. and the origin of our species.

Today we will talk in detail about different key issues related to our own existence as a species and we will also talk about extraterrestrial life.

In addition, we will make a small reflection of a personal nature.

We will ensure at all times that the content is presented in the most entertaining, brief and direct way possible to facilitate its reading and understanding.

Without further ado...



In order to begin to give a possible answer to our own origin, we must first mention that there are two major theoretical approaches when trying to shed some light on this matter.

Broadly speaking, we can say that there is a religious approach and a scientific approach.

From an eminently religious point of view, the human being has been created in the image and likeness of divine entities whose name varies across different religions, but whose common factor is the conception of the human being as an entity created and configured by a being. superior.

From a scientific point of view, our origin as a species has a common core, since all living beings that inhabit this planet have DNA in common in our genome, which would imply that through different evolutionary mechanisms all forms of life would be correlated. and related within planet Earth.

Now, at this point and having explained both points of view in a very summary way, we must ask ourselves certain questions about our origin.

And it is here, in the incessant search for answers to this crucial question, that the possible existence of alien life .


From Area 51 through series like The X-Files, human beings have always sought reliable evidence that demonstrates the unequivocal existence of intelligent life beyond our borders, beyond our world.

Numerous cases of UFO sightings (abbreviation for Unidentified Flying Objects) have been reported throughout the entire planet in the course of our evolutionary process.

We have speculated about the possible interaction of intelligent life from other worlds with our species throughout our history and, in turn, we have considered and contemplated the possibility that these encounters, these appearances, have led to and even guided our own evolution since Our origins.

In fact, the presence of UFOs has recently been confirmed and confidential documents on this matter have been declassified.

There is still a long way to go, but it is a big small step for man and a big step for humanity in shedding some light on this question.


natutube community , we want to carry out a series of personal reflections.

Firstly, given the immensity of our universe with its millions of planets, hypothetically habitable worlds, stars, constellations, stars and a very long etc., attributing to us the status of the only species in this vast universe and being able to exercise a certain intellectual capacity would be an act. extremely presumptuous, not to say arrogant.

It is considerably likely that within the confines of the galaxy there exists another species at an evolutionary stage equal to or higher than ours and with capabilities and abilities of both a technological and personal nature that may far surpass ours.


Let's do a little mental simulation exercise, friends.

Let us assume for a moment, for a brief moment of time, that our own creation and existence is the result and fruit of another species.

Under this premise we could simply be a mere social experiment for that species or a biological creation.


We could even consider the possibility that it is the result of a sophisticated program and that what we actually see and experience is determined and preconceived.

Our own agency and decision-making may be nothing more than lines of code, previously developed and implemented commands.

We may be experiencing a simulated life.

We could even simply be a game and everything we live and experience is simply that.

Only due time, our curiosity and our own development and advancement will allow us to find the appropriate answers.


As a species it is our responsibility to take care of our planet.

The incessant search for answers is in our DNA, in our evolution.

Long life and prosperity .


It is up to you to form your own criteria and be coherent and consistent with your principles and ideals.


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