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Natutube is our community.


Welcome to our community, your space .

We were born as an open place and an emerging community and social network (rrss).

We help each other and improve together by learning various topics with a varied and diverse approach.

From finances , to well-being or nutrition , to personal development, among many other issues and topics of social relevance.

In addition, we work together side by side to be a better community every day and a space for the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

Always from a framework of education and tolerance, to respect the diversity of opinions at all times.


We are a vibrant emerging online community in constant evolution and growth with a varied and diverse approach.

We deal with multiple topics from different approaches and points of view.

We try to offer at all times a type of content of the highest quality and optimal value for all types of target audiences.

Our content strategy is based on creating content adapted to all types of websites.

We always try to ensure that both the home page and our product or service adapt to each web browser.

We want you to be able to have a great experience on all search engines and also on mobile devices.

Always working hard to offer the best experience to everyone .


We go together hand in hand day by day and we learn from each other every new day.

We are going to talk, debate and collaborate together to improve and enhance ideas, brands and projects.

Let's talk and provide knowledge about everything you can think of, since we are going to touch on a wide range of topics in great detail.

Because life is a continuous lesson of choices, decisions and actions and we must be consistent at all times between what we say and do.

Remember that words are carried by the wind and actions last over time.


We live immersed in the information age, where everything is just a click away.

It has never been easier to learn and unlock our full potential.

Remember that knowledge does not take up space.

As they say, with respect and education you can go everywhere.

Always keep in mind that knowledge and education is power.


We go together and learn together.

Every day we take another step on the path to our progress and your best version.

We improve together every day.

We try to offer the best possible experience at all times, as well as encourage active participation among everyone.

We want to be your reference online community and an open environment and space for the free exchange of ideas and opinions.

Because every path begins with a first step, regardless of the distance or difficulty involved in its journey.


From the beginning Natutube was born as a vibrant online community in constant development and with a versatile and multipotential approach.

We strive every day to offer the best browsing experience on our website to everyone.

However, this is not easy and we have faced multiple obstacles along the way to date.

We want to continue always offering an open space for the free exchange of ideas and opinions, always within a framework of respect, education and tolerance.

That is why we have the goal of increasing participation among everyone with the help of live broadcasts through the Twitch platform and podcasts through iVoox.

We are available through our website, on Twitch, on iVoox and through our social networks .

Also, remember that you can collaborate with us and contact us through the means of communication and contact enabled for this purpose.

Don't forget to follow us, subscribe and share to always be aware of all our news.


We are fully aware that we cannot undertake this path alone.

YOU are the basis of Natutube and together we form our online community through our participation, ideas and contributions.

Natutube why from the Natutube team we thank you for your support and participation.

Thanks a lot!


Remember that life is a continuous cycle of teachings .

We learn much more from each mistake than from our successes throughout life.

Because your way of developing your education is a whole world .

Ultimately, education is the cornerstone of any society .

Therefore, try to take one step every day to develop your full potential and unlock your innate abilities.


Along the path we are taking on our platform and online social network we have become aware of the incredible and stimulating challenge that it represents to make our project a reality little by little.

From technical obstacles to improvements and corrections necessary to provide the best possible experience, the truth is that it is a major challenge to materialize our dream.

We want to continue contributing our grain of sand every day to make the world a better place.

We will continue to fight tirelessly and hard to continue raising awareness, providing knowledge and disseminating content of value and quality that can be useful to you in your daily life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and for supporting and helping us every day!


We are going to speak, express ourselves and debate openly about all types of topics and concerns that allow us to advance your daily path and trajectory.

We want to create, establish and strengthen an open site for the free exchange of ideas and opinions from a framework of respect and tolerance.

We provide, create and disseminate valuable and quality content to society.

Our goal is to learn together and be our best version every day.

So that our lives prosper towards a better tomorrow.

Because life is an accumulation of experiences and you learn from everything in life.

All of this is also part of the wide range of knowledge and activities that we implement and which we explain below.


Every project is born from an idea, a spark, an initial catalyst.

We often underestimate the incredible latent potential of our ideas.

Sometimes we are not fully aware that with effort and determination we can achieve the vast majority of our dreams, aspirations, goals and objectives.

Great minds talk about ideas; medium minds talk about events; small minds talk about others.

Eleanor Roosevelt


We are your space and online social network in continuous expansion and growth.

Come and discover a whole world to develop and explore.

Join a new world to discover!


Without you, without your support, perseverance and commitment we could not exist.

That's why we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help you give us every day through your activity.

We always want to be your reference community, an open space of knowledge and an environment of freedom of ideas and opinions.

Always through respect and education.

In addition, we want to offer you the best possible experience at all times and that we all learn together through the help we can give each other.

Remember that you can follow us through our podcasts , publications, Twitch channels and social networks.

In addition, we are always available for anything we can help you with.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for being there and for supporting us every day.


Remember that you can navigate through the different sections of our website and emerging community with a simple click on each of the buttons.

As content creators we generate online content, attractive content with good web design that attracts web traffic.

In addition, you have our help and support tools in the different sections of our social platform.


The Policy button will take you to our privacy and cookies policy, where you can consult it at any time.

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By clicking the About button, you will be able to access relevant content about our website.

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In the Store section you can access our online store and buy a wide range of featured items by section at the best price.

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In the App you will find our personal tool, which you can always download and use for free.

Using the Team button, you can access our personal section and social networks.

By clicking on the help section you can see and participate in our mutual aid project to strengthen our platforms.


If you have a blog, YouTube channel or any other online project, we can collaborate to help each other and reach more people.

Additionally, if you have a business or company idea, we can explore possible alliances that benefit both parties.

This is how we advance together in the objective of promoting our respective websites, brands, business ideas, companies, etc.

On our website you will find different ways to contact us. You can send us an email or call us by phone.


Your opinion is very important to us and we strive to provide you with the best service possible.

We hope that this brief description of each section facilitates your user experience through our website.

Remember that you can also follow us on our social networks to be aware of all our news.

In addition, we invite you to subscribe to our podcasts on the iVoox platform and our streams on Twitch, where you will find exclusive content on topics of interest.


We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading us, supporting us and participating in our community. Without you, none of this would be possible.

If you like our content, we encourage you to follow us and share it with your friends and family.

We want to reach more people and your help is essential to achieve this.

Do not hesitate to leave us your comments and open a debate.

We want to know your opinion and hear your ideas.

We are here to answer all your questions, resolve your doubts and listen to your concerns.

Together, we can create a space for exchange where we all learn together.

Thank you for being part of our community and we hope to continue growing together!


Digital Creator